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Glove Types

Latex gloves are made of natural rubber latex. They provide superior barrier protection and are considered best for fit and function. Also, they are very durable.

Vinyl (Synthetic)

Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are latex-free. Since vinyl gloves are not form-fitting, they fit more loosely than latex and are normally a bit less in price.


Nitrile gloves are an oil-based product which have similar physical characteristics of latex gloves. They stretch like rubber, although they have no latex in them. They are normally blue or green in color and offer good barrier protection. Although popular with healthcare providers, police, and industrial applications, nitrile gloves are more expensive than either latex or vinyl gloves.


Many gloves are made with cornstarch powder which makes donning the gloves easier. They are less expensive than powder-free gloves, but the downside is that the powder goes airborne during donning and removal, can be inhaled into the lungs, and remnants on the hands can be transferred to other surfaces.


The advent of latex allergies and the other problems with powdered gloves have made powder-free gloves more popular. Because powder-free gloves have less protein, there is less risk of allergies. Due to extra manufacturing costs, powder-free gloves are more expensive.


Industrial-grade gloves are the lowest grade gloves available in this class. While the glove will act as a rudimentary barrier, it is not rated to prevent the transmission of organisms, blood-borne pathogens, nor chemicals through the material. Industrial-grade gloves are typically used in industrial applications where protection is merely a convenience and not necessarily required. All ezBoston gloves are high-quality, medical-grade, and, therefore, we do not sell industrial-grade gloves.


The manufacturing goal of medical-grade gloves is to protect the wearer. Contrary to popular belief, medical-grade gloves are not all sterile. The term, medical-grade, indicates that the glove will act as a reliable, protective barrier which  prevents the transmission of organisms or blood-borne pathogens through the material. ezBoston Powder-Free Latex Gloves protect your hands from this exposure. Medical-grade gloves are typically used in hospitals (outside the operating rooms) and other industrial and home applications. ezBoston Powder-Free Latex Gloves are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.


Sterile gloves are by far the highest grade gloves available and, because of the corresponding high cost, are typically only used by surgeons and operating room staff or in clean-room environments.

Beaded Cuff

The beaded cuff simply gives gloves an edge that makes them easier to handle, much like a balloon.

Sensitivity and Grip

The glove sensitivity and grip are relative measures of the feeling the wearer has when working with gloves on. Both factors contribute to the overall usability for the wearer, so that objects have a natural feel, thereby "giving" when appropriate and minimizing slipage. ezBoston Powder-Free Latex Gloves are manufactured to be the most sensitive glove in its class, and the fingers are slightly textured for a superior grip. ezBoston Powder-Free Latex Gloves give you the tactile feeling and sensitivity you need for any job.

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