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Glove Uses
ezBoston.com gloves have many everyday uses:
First Aid
As you would expect, ezBoston.com gloves are the highest-quality medical-grade latex gloves available. Although medical-grade gloves are non-sterile (See Glove Types), they are perfect to act as a barrier from communicable diseases and infection. Use ezBoston.com gloves to protect yourself from transmission of blood-borne pathogens.
Food Handling
Food-borne illnesses are frequently caused by cross-contamination. For example, organisms such as Salmonella and Campylobacter can be transmitted to contact surfaces and vegetables after handling raw meats, especially poultry. While hand washing helps, there may still be residual contaminants under fingernails or cuticles. Using ezBoston.com gloves can prevent these contaminants from being deposited on your hands in the first place!
Are you tired of having you hands dried by harsh soaps? ezBoston.com gloves protect your hands from harsh detergents. ezBoston.com gloves are also sensitive enough that you will be able to feel what you are holding, preventing accidents from mishandling that may occur when using heavy-duty reusable gloves for example.
Soil and compost that is good for plant growth contains living organisms, including bacteria. As with food handling, why risk having a contaminant deposited on your hands where it could later contaminate other surfaces or your food? Using ezBoston.com gloves can prevent these earthy living contaminants from being deposited on your hands in the first place!
When cleaning, you know that no matter how hard you try, your hands will be in contact with household dirt and harsh chemicals from cleaning products. Grab a pair of ezBoston.com gloves, and protect your hands from this exposure. Unlike heavy-duty reusable gloves, ezBoston.com gloves give you the tactile feeling and sensitivity you need.
The dirt, rust, grime, and grease that accompanies most maintenance work leaves a tell-tale sign on your hands: marks and discoloration. Even after cleaning, your fingerprints are still highlighted with dirt! Unless you like that black outline around your fingernails, use ezBoston.com gloves, and keep the grease and grime off of your hands in the first place, for only a few pennies, while giving you the dexterity and sensitivity needed for the job.
If you have ever painted, you know how difficult it is to remove paint from your hands, especially fingernails, cuticles, and other crevasses. The clean-up can be so abrasive as to turn your skin red! ezBoston.com gloves keep the paint off of your hands for only a few pennies, saving you that frustrating, harsh clean-up later.
Pet Care
Cleaning up after Fido or Tabby? You know it's like handling plutonium! No matter how careful you are, contact is almost inevitable. Use ezBoston.com gloves, and have the full use of your hands while protecting yourself from the unmentionables.
Who knows what's growing in that trash? Grab some ezBoston.com gloves from the easy-dispensing box, and prevent the unknown from contaminating your hands.

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